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Partnering with The Culture Project

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington will be offering a full Chastity Program through the services of The Culture Project.  This organization is an initiative of young people set out to restore culture through the experience of virtue.  They proclaim the dignity of the human person and the richness of living sexual integrity, inviting our culture to become fully alive!  Members of their team make a commitment of at least one year of their life to enter into a program in which they themselves live and pray in community, receive formation and also are sent out on mission nationally and internationally.  They give presentations to youth about the dignity of the human person and about sexual integrity.  Their presentations are suitable for a variety of different settings: the classroom, auditorium, youth groups, rallies and more.




Archdiocese of Boston Chastity Information 

Addiction to Pornography Brochure and other resources from Diocese of Arlington  

Catechetical Formation for Chaste Living (USCCB)

Church Documents on Chastity (USCCB)

Parents Guide to Human Sexuality (Archdiocese of New York)

LifeHouse Catholic Media -- Parenting for Purity

Humanan Series on Complementarity of Man and Woman

Puberty booklet for Girls (for Parents) -- Diocese of Joliet  

Puberty booklet for boys -- Diocese of Joliet

The Chastity Project

The Porn Effect

Bought with a Price -- Pastoral Letter of Bishop Loverde on Dangers of Pornography  

Victory App - itunes

Leave Porn


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