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Regional Catechetical Formation Days

christ-the-teacher-icon-550.jpgFollowing the success of last year, we are excited to offer this year’s Regional Catechist Formation days across the diocese. This half-day program is specifically aimed at our catechists, coordinators, and directors of religious education. Pastors are more than welcome to join as well! Participants will attend workshops of their choice - ranging from learning more about the faith to how to engage parents in the parish - and have the opportunity to network and share best practices with other catechists around the state. Check-in begins at 8:00 am, followed by Mass at 8:15.  Our day officially begins at 9:00 with our first presentation at 9:10.  Light breakfast fare and a lunch will be provided.

RSVP and/or questions to Lori Daudelin at The cost is $10.


September 16th (9am - 1pm):
St. Johsbury VT - St. John the Evangelist Church


October 21st (9am - 1:30pm):
Rutland VT - Christ the King Church


October 28th (9am - 1:30pm):
Colchester VT - Holy Cross Church



Nourishing the Domestic Church and Practical Tips for a Successful Classroom (available Sept 16 SESSION)
Beginning with a brief overview of the Church’s wisdom on the role of parents as the primary educators of their children in the Catholic Faith, we will discover practical ways to support parents in this role both by integrating them into parish programming and infusing faith experiences into the home. This presentation will address both traditional “drop off” religious education programs as well as family catechesis models.

On Eagles’ Wings: Letting the Spirit Pray in us with Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus (available ALL SESSIONS)
Prayer is the breath of the Spirit moving and transforming us. The landscape of that process can be disconcertingly different from one moment to the next. Thérèse will be our spiritual guide to help us remain steadfast in the depths of Love, trusting and surrendering to His work in and through us so that we may become more and more His instruments in the world.

Evangelization: An Invitation to God’s Love – Practical Strategies for Catechists in Leading Others Closer to their Faith (available Sept 16 and Oct 21 SESSIONS)
Evangelization is not a term that most contemporary Catholics associate themselves with, but has been a distinct and expressed mission for all Christians since the founding of the Church. As Catholic’s we are called to “practice our faith” in many ways which includes touching the hearts of others with the inspiration of our holy lives and inviting them to share in the fullness of divine Truth, which is the Catholic Church. This presentation will provide practical strategies for Catechists in extending an invitation of God’s love to their students & parents and others in their community.

Forming Global Disciples: Catholic Social Teaching in the Classroom (available Sept 16 and Oct 28 SESSIONS)
“Forming Global Disciples” aims to equip religious educators with an abundance of resources to incorporate themes of Catholic social teaching into existing lessons or create new lessons of your own. Gather prayers, readings, sacramental preparations, retreats and volunteer service ideas to share with your ministry team and students. Learn about free speakers and programs available to you from Catholic Relief Services and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Dusting off the Catechism: From Your Bookshelf to Your Nightstand (available ALL SESSIONS)
Saint Pope John Paul II calls the Catechism of the Catholic Church a “cause for profound joy for the Universal Church”. In this talk, I will explain how the Catechism is so much more than a reference book. Yes, it looks big and boring, but it is a spiritual treasure that YOU CAN READ. As I explain why and how it was written and what it contains, I hope to convince you that this is a book that belongs on your nightstand, not your bookshelf!

Unlocking the Liturgy for Children [and Adults]: The Art of Celebration (available Oct 21 and 28 SESSIONS)
A liturgical theologian once lamented on the fact that our celebration of liturgy, especially the Mass, has become “wall-to-wall words.” Indeed, all too often liturgical celebrations are “wall-to-wall explanations, exhortations, commentaries, words [where] silence is abhorred, fragrance is forgotten, gestures are half-hearted, movements are unrehearsed, everything is hurried” (Children in the Assembly of the Church, 5). No wonder Mass is boring. Moving beyond merely words, we explore some ways we can unlock the silence, gestures, postures, movements, visual elements, and objects that are also inherent in liturgy.

Engaging Your Students: Keeping Them on Task and Learning (available Oct 21 and 28 SESSIONS)
There are lots of different personalities in your classroom! This workshop focuses on making the most of the one hour that you have every week to get children to listen, learn and open their hearts and minds to love God. You will leave with tips for classroom management, active participation and re-engage yourself in the learning process.

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