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Welcome to Resurrection Park Cemetery, located at 200 Hinesburg Road in South Burlington, Vermont. Resurrection Park is a cemetery for Catholic burials. Also, a beautiful columbairum garden section provides a dignified reserve for the cremated remains of loved ones.


Resurrection Park entry  


Resurrection Park is owned and managed by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, Vermont.

Resurrection Park Cemetery will be open daily from 8:00 a.m. until sunset.

No seats, vases, iron work or material of any sort, except cut flowers, shall be placed on any lot.

Fresh water is available throughout the cemetery.

Artificial wreaths and holiday arrangements are permissible only from Nov. 15 through March 1.

Interments are conducted year-round.

A view of the grounds

No coping, hedge, fence, railing or enclosure of any discription may be placed on the boundaries of any lot.

Mounds over graves are prohibited.

No workmen will be permitted to do work in Resurrection Park except employees, and stone workers with the permission of the caretaker.

No trucks or heavy vehicles will be permitted in the park except with the permission of the caretaker.

It is forbidden to enter on any lot, disturb any plants or flowers, or carry away anything from said lot except by the lessee thereof.

Physical Address:
55 Joy Drive - South Burlington, VT 05403
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Contact Numbers:
Telephone: 802-658-6110

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